December 2021/January 2022 - A Show Featuring Four Acclaimed Guest Artists

Our Acclaimed Guest Artists:
Derek Gores, Cliffton Chandler, Maslow, Joan Earnhart

Reception:  Friday, December 3, and Friday, January 7

Visual Poetry:
Let us communicate beyond words. Beyond intellect. Trust the dream state. 
Four acclaimed artists who stand on the shoulders of Mr. and Ms. Art History - and throw new ideas into the universe: MASLOW, and his light-speed visions of timeless nature. JOAN EARNHART, and her surreal combinations of objects to entertain the psyche. CLIFFTON CHANDLER, where Dali meets Banksy in the woodshop. And the show organizer, DEREK GORES, with his upcycled beauties who wink at the past from the near future. Stop in and spend some quality time with the poetry of the mind's eye.

Artists Bios:


   Internationally acclaimed collage artist Derek Gores recycles magazines, maps, and all sorts of paper in his lush works on canvas. Considered part of the Pop Surrealism and New Contemporary movements, Gores exhibits with galleries in Los Angeles, Paris, New England, the Hamptons, Quebec, and more. in 2019, Gores' had his first solo museum exhibit, 'Local Edition', at the Foosaner Art Museum in Melbourne, FL curated by Serene McGroarty. Gores was honored to exhibit at the Manifest Hope show at the Presidential Inauguration in 2009 and was commissioned by Playboy to create the cover portrait for their Hugh Hefner Tribute Issue.  Gores' client list includes Prada, E! Entertainment, Adidas, Rinascente, Style Fashion Week, Dwell Magazine, and others. 


   Cliffton is an artist-designer with an architectural background, currently living and working in Orlando. His sculptures use layers of planes and cutouts, paint and inlay, in a wide variety of materials and surface treatments. He uses a design-based approach when creating sculpture. Materials used ultimately dictate the techniques of production. Most of his work features central themes of human perspective and storytelling through depictions of a personal emotional iconography.


   Maslow has painted murals all over the world.  Most recognized for his multi-story public works and his fine art paintings, Maslow showcases elements of nature and landscape in his signature explosive style of painting. The artist blends a variety of artistic mediums and practices into his work. Abstract painting, realism, graffiti, and ethereal surrealism mark some of the many methods. A natural collaborator, Maslow works closely with non-profits, collectors, brands, and corporations to create custom-tailored projects and has worked with a wide variety of clients such as NASA, SpaceX, Starbucks, and United Against Poverty.


   Her first solo show at the highly-regarded Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. From there she joined Gallery West in Alexandria, and in Washington, DC, Touchstone Gallery and the Mahler Gallery respectively. She has been a featured artist in Vero Beach Magazine, 32963 and various other local publications. She has received numerous prestigious awards locally, in Art By The Sea, Under The Oaks, and Backus Gallery ‘Best of the Best’ show She has shown her work internationally and is in collections across the country, in Europe and in Japan. Joan considers herself a ‘creative storyteller’. In her assemblages, she employs and juxtaposes found objects, broken pieces of antiques, older objects that carry a history, and representational objects to relate an idea. Her art is frequently spiritual, sometimes humorous, and often considered beautiful, but when carefullyexamined, one might discover an underlying deeper meaning.

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