George Pillorgé

A retired architect, George began applying his drafting and presentation skills to painting scenic views while cruising on his 44-foot sailboat, named Puffin, with his wife, Debbie. Upon moving to Indian River Shores, he began classes in soft pastel at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.  Painting with pastels works for him, he said, because he likes to draw. “I like to hold the pastel directly in my fingers and apply the colors and shades to the paper. There is no brush involved. It is a very direct way to put down an idea.”  

In his studio, he studies his subjects intently before starting to paint.  He paints portraits of people in ordinary situations. He never goes anywhere without a small camera, always in search of “small things” to paint rather than larger-than-life landscapes.  Thus creating his award winning work that we now proudly present at Gallery 14. 


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