May Show 5/02-5/26, 2023 - Guest Artist Iris Beate

Moments in Time - Observations by Iris Beate in Oil

Show Date: May 2 - May 26, 23023

Opening Reception:  Friday, May 5, 5-8pm

Meet Iris Beate

Iris’ creativity is multifaceted.  She has been writing forever, and found her passion for painting more recently. She published her first book, Window to the Soul in 2018.  ”Combining the two really hasn't been too difficult," she says. "Each craft requires a different focus, and I allow that to be wherever it takes me for the day. Whether I'm writing or painting, I try to capture the essence of spirit.  It is the part that makes you uniquely you, what's in your heart.  It may appear only briefly as a glint in your eye, or just a fleeting expression, but it tells the entire story.  It is that sense I try to communicate through my writings as well as in my art.”  

She studied painting landscapes and portraiture with local artists Karen Leffel-Massengill and Chris Kling in Stuart, Florida, continuing her studies at The Art Students League in New York City with Sharon Sprung and Liz Adams-Jones. There she learned to incorporate the limited palette of Anders Zorn into her works, which she also applied at The Art Students League of Brevard (TASGOB). Iris has participated in various juried regional art shows throughout central Florida. Her painting “In Search of Flamingos 2022” was chosen to be the commemorative poster for the Melbourne Art Festival in April of that year. The Moments in Time collection will be featured at Gallery 14 for the month of May, 2023. 

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