November 2-26, 2021 - Guest Artist Anita Prentice

Visions of a Song: Mixed Media by Anita Prentice

SHOW DATES:  November 2-26, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION:  First Friday, November 5, 2021 

Visions of a Song: Mixed Media by Anita Prentice

One of Anita’s first loves was music growing up in a musical town in Michigan. She further went on to study music and performances in college. For Anita certain songs have created artistic visions which have been the inspiration for this show. For this show, Anita has curated a list of particular songs which she sees in her head and have been waiting to come out in her art. This is a show that Anita has wanted to create for a long time because these songs are vividly painted in her mind. She has interpreted this into her mosaics which are part of the” Visions of a Song Show”. To add further collaboration, the Porch Poets and other writers will interpret the art and the songs in their writings.


Anita Prentice was born in Michigan, attended Columbia College in Chicago studying theatre and music, traveled extensively for a decade as a chef on international boats until she then adopted Florida as home for the past 35+ years. Her culinary skills helped her to be able to see and paint around the world. These experiences became a foundation for a wide range of various artistic skills. Anita was able to weave her culinary skills with various art mediums when she created a public television series called “Art in the Home”, where she would cook a dish while talking to various artists about their art. This ran for 6 years.

While Anita continues to create art of various mediums, she is best known for her painted glass mosaic pieces. She prepares her glass like a palette, using each piece of carefully crafted stained glass like a drop of paint to create a scene. After grouting, she then paints the grout to make each unique piece come to life, creating the antiquities of tomorrow.

Anita is best known for her mosaiced benches and tributes to the Florida Artist Hall of Fame Recipient’s, The Highwaymen, and Zora Neale Hurston. Anita has produced nearly 200 mosaiced benches that are dotted throughout the Treasure Coast. These are used as bus/rest stops which are both beautiful and functional, with scenes promoting either a part of St. Lucie County’s history, diversity, or culture.

With Anita’s strong and sustained commitment towards the development of varied cultures, she has worked individually with the families of 5 of The Highwaymen who have died to choose a painting that each had created and transcribe their painted work into a mosaic, which adorns each of their above-ground cement grave slabs. If you haven’t visited or taken the Fort Pierce tour to see this, it is quite moving to see such colorful works of art in a graveyard. In addition, she created a large tribute piece to all the Highwaymen on the Intermodal building in Fort Pierce, which is of a Highwaymen favorite, a Poinsettia tree. She collaborated with a colleague to create bronze plaques recognizing each of the 26 original members, which encompass the perimeter of the piece.

Anita has also been a promoter of the Harlem author Zora Neale Hurston, who died in Fort Pierce. She has served on the Zorafest committee since its inception and created 8 in a series of 10 Zora Neale Hurston portraits in mosaic to encourage interest in Zora and her life.

Watch for Artwork Coming Soon!