November 2-26, 2021 - Guest Artist: Christine Peloquin

Facing Truth: Work by Christine Peloquin

DATES:  November 2-26, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION:   First Friday Gallery Stroll,   November 5

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Facing Truth: Work by Christine Peloquin

Christine Peloquin is a 2-D mixed media artist who has been selling her artwork for 30 years. She has been teaching her mixed media techniques since 2009 and offers workshops at her studio at McRae Art Studios and across the US. Christine has won many awards including the recent Florida Watercolor Society Online Show and did a demo of her work at their convention in 2016.

The majority of her artwork is drawing and painting on fabric and paper collage. The subjects range from faces and figures of women and children to landscapes, nature scenes, and abstracts. All the pieces begin with fabric and paper collage arranged, sewn, and adhered to wood panels. The collages consist of any of the following; antique cloths, contemporary fabrics, antique dictionary pages, old children’s school books, atlases, architectural plans, wallpaper, tablecloths, napkins, lace, buttons, flowers, leaves, and any variety of papers and 2D found objects. Over the collages, the drawings are done in charcoal and the work is painted with acrylics and mediums.

“The joy in this process of collaging, drawing, and painting is the instinctual choices of rendering and harmonizing what I will cover-up and what I will leave to be revealed. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that underneath each personality is a collective story, life energy, and soul.  I try to mimic these layers of personality, story, energy, and spirit with layers of drawing, painting, and collage. My faces and figures are not about portraiture in the sense of capturing a likeness but about capturing an essence. My intention is to weave an autobiographical tapestry invoking and addressing universal issues such as philosophy, spirituality, sexuality, motherhood, and self-awareness.  Most of the titles come from appropriate words found in the collage. I believe that art and life are always about becoming more conscious, more aware, and more of yourself. For me, this includes life as an artist, a woman, and a mother.”

Christine lives and works in, Sorrento, FL.