November Guest Artists: Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora

Vintage Pop:  October 29 - November 29.  Meet the artists at the Opening Reception on Thursday October 31, 5-8pm.

About the Artists:   Husband and wife team Melissa and Horacio both took a rather circuitous route to finding their passion for creating art. "Art has come into our lives at various stages in the form of hobby, side projects, and even our employment with Club Med where Horacio worked as a set designer and I as a stage performer. It was only until 2007 that we realized that we could possibly make a living as artists. Our first artistic endeavors were in the realm of sign making and commercial art for restaurants and businesses. From there we began participating in local art festivals and eventually fine art festivals throughout the United States. We quickly realized that these art shows were a great way to showcase our work, get feedback, and most importantly get the support we needed to continue living our lives as full-time artists. Painting has always been central to our approach when creating art, however in 2013 we started incorporating other found media into our work, specifically paper. It was also at that time that we began collaborating on most of what we created. Horacio’s pop art aesthetic, rich with vibrant colors and powerful subject matter combined with my whimsical and loose painterly style, seemed to strike a chord with our collectors. Quite simply, our artwork conveys our passion for fun! Although there may be subtle messages that one can interpret from what we choose to paint and ultimately celebrate. However the main ingredient that we hope lingers on your palate is FUN, a sense of nostalgia, the memory of a road trip in the family camper van, a day at the beach, the scent of an orange grove…the simpler things in life."