October 4-28, 2022- Guest Artist Shelley Weltman

A Different Look: Expressionism by Shelley Weltman

Show Dates:  October 4-28, 2022

Reception Date:  October 7, 2022


To me, abstract art is an opportunity to express my emotions with paint.  It is only in my studio that I am free to place my feelings onto a canvas.  

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was employed as a paralegal for 35 years.  I met my husband in 2008, whereupon we began the adventure of our lives.  Together we frequently sailed the Caribbean, the majestic ocean colors soaking into my memory.  In 2010 Robert and I began to paint in our makeshift basement studio.  Without formal training, I initially had analysis paralysis.  My first painting attempt involved applying paint using an eyedropper…I was hooked.  I loved the way paint flowed, creating hills and valleys of color.  And so it began.  Within two years my paintings were not only on our walls but were displayed in exhibitions and proudly graced the walls of lofts, condominiums and homes.

In 2013 we moved to Vero Beach, Florida, where, for several years, I enjoyed the rewards of being a partner at Gallery 14 and the opportunity to personally share inspirations of my work with buyers and art enthusiasts.  My work was also shown during the high season in Miami’s art district, Wynwood.  I currently accept appointments to view my work.

 Contact the gallery for shipping price on available work.  772-562-5525