October 4-28, 2022 - Guest Artist Susan Davis Abello

Life in Bloom: Colorful Worlds by Susan Abello

Show Dates:  October 4-28, 2022

Reception Date:  October 7, 2022


Susan Davis Abello

After receiving degrees in English and Illustration back in the early 80’s, Susan started her career teaching elementary school in South America. She married in ‘88 and she and her husband moved back to the states where they started a family. Eventually, Susan began a fifteen-year career as an architectural renderer. She has written and illustrated a book for children called, Pumpkin and Buster and The Right Thing To Do About a Bully (2011) and also illustrated a book by author (and Vero resident) Maria Caldarone, entitled, What My Mother Never Told Me About Motherhood (2010). In 2016 she earned her Masters Degree in Creative Non-Fiction writing. She’s been working on an epic novel of magical realism, based in Colombia, for a few years now. The good thing is, procrastinating writing, means more painting gets done! Susan enjoys working in both watercolor and oil. She loves bold colors and lots of detail in her watercolors but finds the oil is best for more dramatic contrasts and a little more realism. Susan’s husband is fellow artist, Edgardo Abello whose love, encouragem and professional advice, along with a lot of tutoring along the way, have made the journey always interesting, always fun!

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