March 2021 Guest Artist - Acrylic Realism by Susan Martin

Coming in March 2021 - A solo exhibit of Acrylic Realism by Susan Martin.  Details coming soon. 

Susan Martin resides in Merritt Island, Florida but raised and educated in south Texas. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, and then continued coursework in Art Education and Art History. A significant part of her educational experience was the opportunity to study photography and composition under the eminent photographer Russell Lee.  That lasting influence can be observed in her sharp, clean examination of the subject, her preference for strong contrast that reveals surface quality and detail, and an emphasis on composition that comes from years of work in black and white.  Early in her career, Susan turned to acrylics in her quest for the clean edges that a quick drying medium can deliver, adding depth of color through multiple layers of paint. She explores the compositions occurring in ordinary subject matter, in the patterns and textures revealed by strong light and close examination of the commonplace.  From vegetation to reflected patterns in store windows and shiny surfaces, whether natural or manmade, these close-cropped images minimize or omit the background, encouraging the viewer to focus on the visual characteristics of familiar subjects, and to view the composition for its abstract qualities.

Susan’s paintings are exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the state in competitive and invitational settings.  She is a founding member of Ten Women in Art, whose exhibitions have been presented across the state of Florida for thirty years. Martin’s work has been purchased for a number of collections, including Southern Progress Corporation, Chugai-Upjohn, Sterling Drugs, Marriott Hotels, Walt Disney World Productions, Burdines, McGraw-Hill, and Daytona Regional airport among others.