April Guest Artist - Melissa Mastrangelo: A Life In The Sun, March 30 - April 30

Melissa Mastrangelo 

Melissa hails from Rhode Island. Having had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian, she earned a degree in Zoology, magna cum laude.  She switched gears, however, and decided to pursue her love of art and painting.  A self-taught professional painter working primarily with acrylic paint for over fourteen years, she often incorporates other media into her work, such as mid century ephemera and spray paint, thereby creating texture. Within each layer some elements are covered up while others are intentionally let come through, as if a former life or purpose has been revealed. Some of Melissa's favorite subjects to paint include old neon motel signs, vintage surf vans, beaten up nautical buoys and other worn and rusty objects that had once marked a moment in time and very often offer a sense of nostalgia.  These symbols of a simpler life offer the viewer some comfort in the midst of an ever changing world.  Melissa currently resides in Boynton Beach, FL.