March 2022 Guest Artist - Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora


Stoked: Cool Vibes by Horacio Lertora and Melissa Mastrangelo.

SHOW DATES:  March 1- 25, 2022

RECEPTION:  First Friday: March 4

 An Artistic Collaboration. - New  Work Coming Soon! 

Having started as sign makers in 2007, their work is still deeply rooted in the art of advertising, as seen with their frequent use of text, bold fonts, and eye-popping color. After years of exploring different artistic paths, in 2014 this husband and wife team merged their talents in an effort to create exciting mixed media art. As a contemporary painter, Melissa develops the theme and composition of each piece, which she paints and collages, while Horacio creates his very own large scale hand-made stencils of the subjects being celebrated, by sketching and cutting them out using a utility knife on mylar. Their work is constructed using hand-cut stencils, paper collage, and acrylic paint on an assemblage of individual wooden panels and tiles. The result is a symbiotic relationship between strong singular subjects interacting with a layered background, full of visual surprises. Inspiration derives from advertising posters, billboards, surf culture, nature, music, as well as the appreciation of distressed objects, particularly wood and paper. During the past decade, their work can be found by way of fine art shows, both the indoor gallery setting as well as outdoor festivals, and commercial projects such as murals, restaurants, and resorts. Currently, they work from their studio in Florida and tour the country selling art.

Stoked: Cool Vibes by Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora