November 1-25, 2022 - Guest Artists Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora

Florida Fresh:      Pop Art Paintings by Horacio & Melissa

Show dates:         November 1-25

Reception date:   November 4, 2022

As we celebrate 15 years in the downtown, historic Arts District, Gallery 14 is excited to welcome the new Season in November 2022, with the return of the ever popular husband and wife team Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora.


 An Artistic Collaboration.
The duo, who have continually brought smiles to the faces of fans and collectors from near and far, like to say that they are spouses sharing the same canvas in life and art. This partnership has resulted in a successful collaboration for almost 30 years. For their current body of work, Florida Fresh - which consists of pop art acrylic paintings on canvas - they dove backwards into their past, where the art of sign making was more prevalent in their work. Among their other iconic images, they have combined the art of fruit crate labels with a nostalgic look at vintage swimmers and divers - referencing the region's historic fruit farming. Having started out initially as sign makers, it is only natural that they often incorporate typography into their art. According to Melissa: “We have always enjoyed combining patterns, imagery and text and appreciate the playful way it all interacts together.” 
All the paintings included in this collection are painted, by hand on canvas, with acrylic paint.

Contact the gallery for shipping price on available work.  772-562-5525