March 2022 Guest Artist - Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora

Stoked: Cool Vibes by Horacio Lertora and Melissa Mastrangelo 


NEXT SHOW DATE: This dynamic duo will be back by popular demand this NOVEMBER 2022 with an all new show. Stay tunned! 

 An Artistic Collaboration.  Melissa and Horacio have been married for almost 30 years and for half of that time they’ve worked together, in Florida, creating various forms of art. Having started out as sign makers for numerous commercial accounts, their abilities evolved into finer art forms. Although their primary choice of medium has always been acrylic paint, they have created many pieces using mixed-media, including the 2019 Coconut Grove Art Festival Poster. Their current body of work involves a juxtaposition between Melissa’s realism paintings paired with Horacio’s pop art style. As former sign makers, typography and branding usually always find its way into their artwork as does a bold color palette. Although these paintings appear to be random couplings of subjects, each one has a common thread that allows for a familiar dialogue between both subjects and usually offers a healthy dose of nostalgia. All of the paintings included in this collection are painted, by hand, with acrylic paint. Hope you enjoy them!

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