March 2025 - Guest Artists Horacio and Melissa


Watch for their return in March 2025. 

A Summer Breeze: Paintings by Horacio and Melissa 



If your favorited piece has sold..just ask..commissions are available!


Melissa Mastrangelo & Horacio Lertora

"We have been creating art together for the past 18 years. For
this body of work Melissa uses acrylic paint and original mid
century ephemera, in collaboration with Horacio’s hand cut
stencils and wooden tiles to create nostalgic and playful works
of art. Each piece is created on an assemblage of 1/4” wooden
tiles and panels. Most of the pieces in this collection are created
to be hung singularly or in combination with others to create a
larger panoramic statement."

Melissa and Horacio have continually brought smiles to the faces of fans and collectors from near and far, like to say that they are spouses sharing the same canvas in life and art.  Having started out as sign makers, they often incorporate typography into their art. According to Melissa, “We have always enjoyed combining patterns, imagery and text and appreciate the playful way it all interacts together.”

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