Birch Trees by Barbara Landry at Gallery 14
Lila Blakeslee at Gallery 14
Lion photograph by Barbara du Pont at Gallery 14
Deborah Morrell Polackwich
Dorothy Napp Schindel
November 29, 2022-January 27, 2023 - Guest Artist: Carol Staub
Mary Ann Hall Acrylic at Gallery 14
Terry Green Big Red ceramic apple at Gallery 14 Vero Beach
May 2022 -  Guest Artist:  Viola Pace Knudsen
Mia Lindberg
Joan Earnhart
edgardo abello oil painting
Francis Mesaros
Michael Robinson
Walford Campbell
February 2022 -  Guest Artist: Derek Gores
George Pillorgé
The Goddess of Truth Jo Zaza
November 1-25, 2022 - Guest Artists Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora
Coming Soon - 2022 Show!
April 4-28, 2023 - Guest Artist:  Reed Dixon
October 4-28, 2022- Guest Artist Shelley Weltman
October 4-28, 2022 -  Guest Artist Susan Davis Abello
December - January 11/29-1/27, Guest Artist Frank Spino