Birch Trees by Barbara Landry at Gallery 14
Lila Blakeslee at Gallery 14
Lion photograph by Barbara du Pont at Gallery 14
Deborah Morrell Polackwich
Dorothy Napp Schindel
October 1-29, 2021 - Guest Artist: Carol Staub
Mary Ann Hall Acrylic at Gallery 14
Terry Green Big Red ceramic apple at Gallery 14 Vero Beach
May 2022 -  Guest Artist:  Viola Pace Knudsen
Mia Lindberg
Joan Earnhart
edgardo abello oil painting
Francis Mesaros
Michael Robinson
Walford Campbell
February 2022 -  Guest Artist: Derek Gores
George Pillorgé
The Goddess of Truth Jo Zaza
March 2022 Guest Artist - Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora
November 2-26, 2021 - Guest Artist: Christine Peloquin
November 2-26, 2021 - Guest Artist Anita Prentice
Coming Soon - 2022 Show!
December 2021/January 2022 -  A Show Featuring Four Acclaimed Guest Artists
April 2022 - Guest Artist:  Reed Dixon