Evan Schwarze


Artist/Owner Evan Schwarze

Meet Evan Schwarze,

The son of an art critic and an English literature teacher, Evan was exposed to art at an early age. Influences from Winslow Homer to Picasso, Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack to Walt Disney, all can be identified in his work. The understanding and utilization of these nuances, to wind up somewhere new, is what drives him to grow as an artist.
His environmental oil paintings are each the culmination of actual and artistic journeys. Paint is applied to canvas with brush and palette knife in transparent glazes and thick opaque strokes, both overlapping and side by side, creating vibrations of light in an impressionistic manner. He focuses on the process with the accumulation of experience, allowing each step of the creation, from initial pencil indications, water coloresque forms, and thick impressionistic strokes of color, to all work together.
His paintings are representational and abstract, polished yet exploratory, with a compositional structure and manipulation of light that bring the paintings to life, connecting the viewer as a participant in the scenes he creates.