December 2023-January 2024 - Guest Artist: Paul Solovay

Journey through the Decades: Time Capsules by Paul Solovay

Show Dates:   November 28, 2023 - January 26 


Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday, January 5, 2024

NEW ADDITION TO SHOW BY POPULAR DEMAND -  Another layer of Paul's artistic diversity.  See Paul's Floral Photography now on exhibit thru January 26.

Meet Paul Solovay

Artist and Photographer
Paul D. Solovay spent nearly 30 years as a top creative talent in
advertising, creating many award-winning commercials. He wrote
copy, jingles, art directed, produced and was member of the Directors
Guild of America. His Pepsi commercial “Bringing Home Baby” is in
the Smithsonian Museum and the Broadcast Museum in NYC. 

He studied filmmaking at NYU and took a Master’s degree program at The Brooklyn College Television Center. His photos have been used for tourist boards, airlines and  businesses.

His music photography is a result of a technique he calls; "The Active
Camera".  Paul first utilized this technique in 1979 during a visit to
Preservation Hall, a famed jazz venue in New Orleans. That photo,
as well as others, are in the homes of private collectors. One of his
pieces, “The Color of Jazz” was recently on view at the Vero Beach
Museum of Art. With the Active Camera, Paul and the camera are constantly in
motion - as he translates musical sound waves into light waves --
images that capture the high energy of performance. It's a visual tour
de force. You can almost "Hear the Photographs".

Paul Solovay is now presenting a new, highly ambitious project: “Time
Capsules of the 20th Century”. Each decade is portrayed in a bold
collage of mixed media and recycled materials, and tells the story of
that decade with memory-jogging images and words. In four of the
pieces, Solovay has also added a soundtrack collage of music,
sounds and voices to transport you back. Collectively, the Time
Capsules tell the story of the 20 th century.

These are conversation pieces if ever there was.